Digital Audio & Sound Design

Using State-of-the Art Software on Logic Pro X

Mac and PC Options

Bespoke Audio Projects

Radio friendly recordings for small businesses

Apple Software - Logic Pro X

We Use the latest version of Logic's superb software to record and archive our work. This software comes with all you need to produce cutting edge work.

Adaptiverb - Digital Effects

One of our favourite tools is Adaptiverb which is one of the most flexible Reverb tools on the market today.

Blackhole - Digital Effects

Our Secondary Reverb and Echo effects are created using Blackhole.

Huge Sample Library

Choose from thousands from our collection

Iris 2 Sampler

Another great instrument we like to use.

Output.com Sound Modules

Output.com have grown significantly in the past couple of years and we have the full package of instruments at 20Seconds.

Omnisphere 2 Sound Software

A stunning digital instrument housing thousands of unique and original sounds.

Listen to Our Work

Mirror Noir Records is our base for artists The Cydonia Collective, Paul White and The Lawrence Marks Orchestra - Take a listen

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